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Achieving Mental Wellness In Our Community


Together We Can Move Mountains!

We envision a community where everyone, without exception (children, teens, young adults, adults, senior adults) have full access to the professional, spiritually-integrated behavioral healthcare they need.

Together, we can move mountains of Stigma, Accessibility, Affordability, Growing Needs, which are the real barriers to mental healthcare.

One Climber's Story: Gracey

Gracey's* family had been through a lot of change. Her mother lived in another country and her father was often away. Gracey experienced suicidal ideation and needed support. Her family could not afford sessions, but with the Client Assistance Funds (CAF) she was able to receive free counseling at school for 14 sessions. Transportation was an additional problem for the family. Fortunately, Summit OnSite eliminated that barrier by having counselors present during school. In spite of the lack of support at home, Gracey now has a safe place to express herself and her emotions in session. By being able to process her family's situation, Gracey is less distracted during classes and has learned healthy coping skills to manage stress. Through the support of donors, Gracey was and is able to receive the help she needs to navigate her high school experience.

* Name changed to protect confidentiality.